King Flurry51

aka Any Latias waifu wish to engage me?

  • I live in Italy
  • I was born on June 25
  • My occupation is Student, Deviant Artist, Professional Writer, Italian Philosopher, Master of critiques, Administrator of sites, Advanced Roleplayer, Future Lawyer so..
  • I am Majestic, Sarcastic, Super Clever, Egocentric, Funny, Wise, Finicky, Overthinker, Kind ,Lunatic, Quirky and very Lazy! Sometimes very Akward, too..and the only 100% honest person you can find here.
  • King Flurry51

    12:32 LlewellynIsAwesome! That's the spirit Bridgette

    12:32 LlewellynIsAwesome! LOL 12:32 LlewellynIsAwesome! FREDDIE 12:32 SkyFanTDLMAO 12:32 SkyFanTD OMG 12:32 DestructiveMilkshake What can you expect Zoey? Those two are probably just going to make out. 12:32 King Flurry51 Yes, I didn't sleep for the second night in a row...rats everywhere...stinky seats...crappy everything. 12:32 Berryleaf BECAUSE WE'RE THE FEROCIOUS FALCONS *cheers* 12:32 Cabbage pult 74 *conf.* I'm afraid that Duncan has an alliance with Sky. 12:32 Berryleaflol same thing 12:32 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : WOO HOO 12:32 TylerWebkinzFan GO TEAM 12:32 Heozaki Hey, guys! 12:32 DestructiveMilkshake Or discuss which one of us should go next. 12:33 SkyFanTD … Read more >