Ferocious Falcons
Screaming Directors
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDAG: A Chilling Finale
TDLCA: Let's Get Filming
Place TDAG: 1st
TDLCA: 22nd
Friends TBA
Relationship Dave (broken up)
Enemies TBA
Voiced by Sarah Podemski
Roleplayer SkyFanTD
Sky, labeled The Athlete, was a contestant on Total Drama Around the Globe, as a member of the Ferocious Falcons. She returned for Total Drama: Lights, Camera, Action as a member of the Screaming Directors.


Sky is an aspiring Olympian whose sights are firmly set on winning the game. Although Sky is not opposed to forming friendships along the way, she doesn't want them to get in between her and victory. Sky is a natural team player, a leader when need be, and strives to see the best in people. She can be encouraging and will give advice to those who require it. A true white knight who plays by the book with a strong sense of good sportsmanship to match, Sky easily gets along with most of the other contestants. However, she firmly, and sometimes aggressively, states that she is against anyone who exhibits foul play. She also faces difficulty when her nerves and emotions get the better of her and cloud her judgement.

Total Drama Around the GlobeEdit

Lost AngelesEdit


Sky arrives with the rest of the cast of Total Drama Around the Globe.

When Sky arrives on the show Dave is disappointed to see her again after her betrayal last season. Sky apologizes to Dave, and tells him that she didn't mean to. She then tells Dave that she meant to break up with Keith, but Dave tells her that if she meant to break up with him she would have told him which causes Sky to sigh. Sky then tells Dave that she liked him, but she wanted to focus on the competition. Before Sky heads to the plane she introduces herself to Tyler, and then she walks to the plane with him. When Sky gets on the plane Sadie introduces herself to her, and the two hope that they become great friends. In Sky's first confessional she says that she is meeting such nice people, and she really hopes that she wont have to eliminate them later in the competition. Tyler then tells Sky that he hears she is an athlete, and boasts about being the best jock in his school, Sky tells Tyler that she hopes that he is on her team. Tyler and Sky high five when the two find out they are on the same team. After this Bridgette, one of her teammates, introduces herself and Sky tells Bridgette it is nice to meet her. Sadie asks Sky how she is doing, and Sky tells her that she is doing good, but she feels bad about how things ended with Dave. Sky, Sadie, and Tyler walk to the cargo deck, but are not there for long when Chris releases the floor door which causes all the contestants to fly out of the plane. When Sky finally lands she accidentally lands on Dave. She apologizes and states that it was an accident, but Dave doesn't believe her and gets mad.


The Ferocious Falcons at the airport.

After Chris announces the challenge, Sky grabs a GPS and tells her team if they want to win they should get moving. When Dave encourages Bridgette and intentionally insults Sky she walks back to tell Dave that she apologized and does not know what else he wants from her. Tyler then tells Sky to forget about it and continue to run, Sky follows his command and goes back to running with her team. In Sky's confessional she states that she really feels bad about Dave, but she already apologized and does not know what else she can do. Sky tells her team that she sees the other team getting into a taxi. Sky runs fast to the airport and eventually arrives. When her team is revealed to be the losers she has the choice of either voting out Dave or Cody, but Sky decides to vote Cody because she doesn't want to eliminate Dave before making things right.

I African't Do ItEdit


The cast in South Africa before the challenge.

Sky states that loser class smells, and decides to sit next to Dave. Sky sighs when Dave tells her that he would rather sit next to a pile of trash than her. Tyler asks Sky if everything is okay, and she tells him that she cant get Dave to forgive her for what happened in TDPI. When Tyler tells Sky to keep trying she hugs and thanks him for the advice. In her confessional she states that Tyler is a nice and great friend, and she is happy to be on his team. Sadie greets Sky again, and as she replies back the plane floor drops again causing the contestants to fall in South Africa. After Chris announces the challenge Tyler tells Sky that she should be good at the challenge, and she tells him that she said she hopes and begins to run into the forest. When the two are running Tyler accidentally trips and falls on Sky, Sky helps him up and says it was an honest mistake. Tyler asks Sky if they should build a shelter, and she agrees and tells him that they should collect wood. She suggests that the team could build a wooden tent. Bridgette then suggests that they should put leaves on the top so if it rains they wont get soaked, Sky agrees and compliments Bridgette on the idea. Sky walks with Tyler to get some wood, and she asks him what his favorite sport is. He responds by telling her he likes them all, Sky agrees and says that she can't choose a favorite. After the two collect wood Sky begins to work on building the tent. When she is finished she asks Tyler if she wants to gather berries, and she also greets Lindsay. Tyler agrees to get some berries, but Sky realizes that they don't have to when they encounter Bridgette who has already gathered some berries. Lindsay suggests to get some fish, and Sky agrees, but Bridgette asks why eat fish when they can eat berries? Sky tells her that they need protein, but the group ends up staying because night time falls.


Sky encounters a lion.

After hearing a weird roaring sound, Sky asks Lindsay what the sound was. Sky then looks and realizes that it is a lion, and immediately tells everyone to climb up a tree to avoid being mauled. After her team climbs up a tree, she notices that Duncan is petting the lion. She compliments Duncan on his bravery, and asks why he isn't scared of the lion? He tells her that he is good with animals, and once Duncan and the lion leaves she lies down to rest in the tree. However, after it begins to rain she heads down to the shelter Sky made. Tyler compliments Sky on the shelter, and she falls asleep. As soon as she wakes up she realizes that the team has to hurry and report back to Chris. She helps gather the team, and they begin to run back to Chris. After Sky reaches the plane she cheers Dave on, and the team celebrates when the whole team finishes the challenge. Sky congratulates the team for not coming in last. Sky is surprised when Dave compliments Sky on the shelter she made. In her confessional she states that maybe Dave has forgiven her. During the elimination ceremony Duncan introduces himself to Sky. Sky states that it is nice to meet him, and that she hopes that her team beats him next time around. Sky also states that it was really brave of him to go head to head with the lion, and he tells Sky that it was nothing and he is good with animals.

This Ain't No Disney CruiseEdit


Sky and Dave talk during the end of the race.

Bridgette tries to motivate the falcons, and Sky and Tyler both say "That's the spirit Bridgette." Sky then jokes around and tells Tyler that they are psychically linked. Sky is shocked when Tyler tells Sky that Lindsay still does not remember his name. Tyler brings up Duncan, and Sky tells him they are just friends. In her confessional Sky gets the suspicion that Duncan likes her. Sky admires the beach during her lap around the island. Sky overhears Courtney mimicking her, and is puzzled to why she would mimic her. In her confessional she says that she wonders what Courtney's problem is with her. Near the end of the race Dave calls out for help because he tripped and fell. Sky decides to go back and help Dave up, and finish the race together. Sky compliments Dave on running a fast lap, and Dave blushes and returns the compliment. Sky states in her confessional that she thinks Dave has finally forgiven her. When Chris reveals that the reward is a meal, Sky is excited but believes that Chris is up to something, however, she does eat a little portion of the food. Sky and the others are confused when Chris reveals that there is a part two to the challenge. After Chris reveals the challenge, Sky tells the others that she is going to walk on the beach, Bridgette and Tyler join her on her walk.


Sky and Dave talk during the challenge.

When Sky and Tyler sit on the beach Tyler tells Sky that Duncan likes Sky. Sky is slightly shocked by the news, but does not continue the conversation. Sky then lies down next to Dave, and she greets him tiredly. Sky then unknowingly rests her head on Dave and states that she is very tired. When Sky's eyes begin to shut, Bridgette throws a bucket of water at her face to wake her up. Sky is quickly angered by the water, but when Bridgette explains why she did it Sky lets it go. Sky then falls asleep and is eliminated from the competition. While Sky is sleeping, Dave hugs her and apologizes to her about everything that happened during TDPI. A crab also bites Dave, but he does not make a sound because he does not want to embarrass himself and awake Sky. When Sky wakes up from her sleep, she finds out that Dave is still awake and in the competition. She encourages Dave and cheers him on to win the challenge. Dave is pumped due to Sky's encouraging words, and says he will win for the team and Sky. The two blush after he says this. Dave tries to tell Sky how he feels about her, but then he falls asleep. Sky is shocked, but when Dave falls asleep on her she falls asleep as well. Back on the plane Sky yawns and tells the team that she is glad they won't have to vote anyone out. In the confessional Sky says that she can't let her feelings for Dave get in the way of how she plays the game, but she doesn't want to hurt Dave again. Sky waves goodbye to Duncan after he is eliminated.

Cuban CrazinessEdit


The Falcons during the first part of the challenge in Cuba.

In economy class Sky says that the team did great, and she says especially Dave and smiles. Dave tells Sky she did great as well and blushes. In Sky's confession she reminds herself that she won't let her feelings for Dave get in the way and that she is in it to win it. Chris drops the floor of the plane, and Sky holds onto Dave for safety. When Dave hits the ground painfully he states that at least Sky is okay, Sky apologizes for landing on him and tells him that they need to get on the boat. When Sky arrives on the boat she commands her team to start paddling. Sky encourages her team once they almost reach the finish line. When the Falcon's arrive at shore, Sky goes to Chris and he reveals that the Falcon's are in first place and get 3 horses to ride up the cliff as a reward. Tyler high fives Sky when he hears the news. Sky chooses Dave to be her partner for the second part of the challenge. Sky suggests that Tyler goes with Lindsay and Bridgette goes with Sadie. Before Sky begins to ride the horse she reveals to her team that she is a good horseback rider. Sky almost reaches the top of the cliff she notices that Tyler went flying off his horse, and she asks if he is okay.


Dave and Sky reach the top of the cliff.

Tyler doesn't hear Sky, and Sky arrives at the top of the cliff with Dave and the horse. Sky realizes that her team has to push their horses off the cliff, and Dave pushes the 2ndt horse off the cliff. Sky notices that Bridgette and Sadie's horse is still on the cliff, and to win the challenge she runs into the horse causing it to fall off the cliff. Sky congratulates Tyler for helping push off 2 horses, and then she looks at the horse and says "Oh god." When Chris announces the Falcons as the winners Sky high fives Dave and states that they finally get to enjoy first class. Sky notices that Tyler and Justin are fighting, and holds Tyler back before the two could exchange more blows. Sky calms Tyler down by telling him that Justin doesn't know what true beauty is, and Tyler thanks Sky for the compliment. Sky suggests to the team that they head over to first class, when they arrive Sky says that it is great to finally be there. In first class Dave brings Sky a cookie to honor her victory, and Sky states that it is sweet of Dave, but she does not want the cookie because after the season she has to start preparing for the Olympics.

Tiki TortureEdit


The Falcons brainstorming the order of the relay.

Sky tells Dave that it feels good to wake up in first class. Dave does not hear Sky, but Tyler agrees with her. Sky walks out of first class and runs into Scarlett. Scarlett tells Sky that she has changed ever since she tried to kill her and the other contestants from Total Drama Pahkitew Island. In Sky's confessional she states that she is not sure if she can trust someone who put her life on the line for one million dollars. Sky greets Anne Maria after talking to Scarlett. When Chris reveals that there will be a team swap, Sky crosses her fingers and hopes that she won't be switched. When Chris says the people who are switching, Sky is relieved and hugs Dave because neither were switched. During the hug Dave tells Sky in her ear that Courtney will be easy to manipulate to join their alliance. Sky introduces herself and shakes hands with Courtney. Before the challenge starts Sky states that the relay order should be Dave, Lindsay, Tyler, herself, and finally Courtney. Tyler says that the order is great, while Courtney reminds Sky that Sadie is not in the order.


Sky zip lines down the volcano.

Sky tells Courtney that Sadie can sit out, but Courtney volunteers to sit out instead. Sky tells Courtney that if the team loses she would most likely receive votes because she sat out. Courtney tells Sky that she doesn't care, and that she would rather sit out. Sky then tells the team that they need a new order, Lindsay says that Sky can make the new one if she wants. However, Dave suggests that the order should be himself, Sky, Courtney, Lindsay and finally Tyler; Sky tells Dave that she likes the order and the team uses it. Dave hands Sky the idol, and Sky thanks Dave and kisses him on the cheek. Then Sky zip lines down the volcano to the next part of the challenge. Sky dodges flaming rocks that are being thrown at her and Noah. Finally, Sky runs past Noah and hands the idol to Courtney. Sky cheers on Tyler during the last leg of the relay. In Sky's confessional she states that Courtney has a heart after seeing her hug Tyler for being useful to the team. On the plane Dave asks if the falcons are voting or the Hawks, Sky tells Dave that they came in second and the Hawks are voting.




Voting HistoryEdit

Sky's Voting History
Episode Sky's
Voted Against
1 Cody -
2 Ferocious Falcons Immune
3 Ferocious Falcons Immune
4 Ferocious Falcons Immune
5 Ferocious Falcons Immune
6 Ferocious Falcons Immune
7 Ferocious Falcons Immune
8 Ferocious Falcons Immune
9 Sadie -
10 Noah ;
11 Trent -
12 Dawn Individual Inmunity
13 Trent Individual Inmunity
14 Amy Individual Immunity
15 Lindsay -
16 Bridgette;
17 Lindsay Individual Inmunity
18 Won/Lost Final Challenge
Winner, Day 54

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