Egotistic Eagles
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Teal
Eliminated TDAG: "Stop Rome-ing Around"
Place TDAG: 13th
Friends Shawn,Jasmine
Relationship Dave
Enemies Amy, Sky
Voiced by Bryn McAuley
Roleplayer TeamDarkFan4

Sammy "Samey" labeled The Good Twin, was a contestant on Total Drama: Around the Globe, as a member of Egotistic Eagles.


Samey, whose real name is Sammy, is the twin sister of Amy. She is very kind, but also quite timid due to her sister's cruel treatment greatly damaging her self-esteem. She is the strategist of the two and is more willing to help her team, but Amy continues taking credit for her accomplishments, leading many to believe Samey is actually the "inferior" twin. She has a hard time speaking up for herself as much as she wants to, but encouragement from Jasmine, her older sister figure, finally spurs her revenge in Twinning Isn't Everything. This turn of events sparks Samey's quiet demeanor to become more courageous, calling Amy out for her behavior and fighting her back without hesitation. Samey and her sister are both members of a cheerleading team, as evidenced by their uniforms.

Total Drama Around the GlobeEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Samey's Voting History
Episode Samey's
Voted Against
1 Egotistic Eagles Inmune
2 Lightning -
3 Egotistic Eagles Immune
4 Scott Scott
5 Egotistic Eagles Immune
6 Egotistic Eagles Immune
7 Egotistic Eagles Inmune
8 Amy Amy, Bridgette,
Dawn, Trent
Voted Off, Day 24

In 2016 Samey join Big Brother in 4th palce

Dave and Samey had broken up 5 weeks afterTotal Drama

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