Ferocious Falcons
Killer Producers
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TDAG: TBA
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills
Roleplayer TylerWebkinzFan
Lindsay, labelled The Dumb Princess, was a camper on Total Drama Around the Globe, as a member of the Ferocious Falcons. She returned for Total Drama: Lights, Camera, Action as a member of the Killer Producers.


Beautiful but not vain, Lindsay's big heart and childlike nature have made her one of the most well-liked competitors on the show. Although the other contestants are frequently annoyed by her severe lack of intelligence, Lindsay has been shown to have only pure intentions. Unfortunately for Lindsay, she is often fooled by false-friendships and easily manipulated by the show's antagonists. A major running gag on the show involves her having problems remembering the names of the others, even including her boyfriend.

Total Drama Around the GlobeEdit

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Voting HistoryEdit

Total Drama: Around the GlobeEdit

Lindsay's Voting History
Episode Lindsay's
Voted Against
1 Cody -
2 Ferocious Falcons Immune
3 Ferocious Falcons Immune
4 Ferocious Falcons Immune
5 Ferocious Falcons Immune
6 Ferocious Falcons Immune
7 Ferocious Falcons Immune
8 Ferocious Falcons Immune
9 Sadie Sadie
10 Noah Amy, Bridgette, Dawn,
Noah, Trent;
Amy, Bridgette,
Dawn, Trent1
11 Trent -
12 Dawn -
13 Trent Courtney
14 Bridgette;
15 Dave Sky
16 Courtney;
Individual Immunity
17 Ineligible Sky
Voted Off, Day 51

1^ In The Peak of the Merge, the vote ended on a 5-5 tie between Lindsay and Noah. Nobody changed their votes at the revote, forcing a Tiki Draw Tiebreaker, in which Lindsay deemed herself safe.

2^ In Yin vs. Yang, the vote ended on 3-3 tie between Bridgette and Amy, forcing a revote. Lindsay voted for Amy at the revote.

Total Drama: Lights, Camera, ActionEdit

Lindsay's Voting History
Episode Lindsay's
Voted Against
1 Killer Producers Immune
2 Courtney -
3 Geoff -
4 Amy Alejandro, Amy,
Gwen, Mike



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