Screaming Directors
TDA DIY Char Leshawna
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Friends Courtney, Dawn, Gwen, Harold, Jasmine, Noah, Sky
Relationship TBA
Enemies Bridgette, Heather, Jo, Rodney
Voiced by Novie Edwards
Roleplayer DestructiveMilkshake
Leshawna, labeled The Sister With 'Tude, was a camper on Total Drama: Lights, Camera, Action, as a member of the Screaming Directors.


LeShawna can either be one's greatest ally or worst enemy, but she would much prefer to be their friend. She is loyal and sassy, yet affectionate, caring, and if shown respect, she will reciprocate it indefinitely. LeShawna tells it like it is and has no fear whatsoever of calling people out on their mistakes. She will not hesitate to get physical if the matter calls for it - especially if her weight is the topic of discussion. She is not above revenge, be it on her own behalf or that of a friend. She is extremely street-smart, and her vocabulary is covered in slang while calling her fellow contestants "Baby," "Honey," and "Sugar". She is good at certain physical competitions and has proven herself to be skillful during challenges, even though sometimes her large size can hold her back. LeShawna loves to dance, though the others do not take pleasure is watching her do so. While not on Total Drama, she volunteers to better the lives of other teenagers less fortunate than she is. A goal of hers is to one day open her own community center for kids in the ghetto so that they will have a more fortunate up-bringing than she did.

Voting HistoryEdit

Leshawna's Voting History
Episode Leshawna's
Voted Against
1 Heather -
2 Screaming Directors Immune
3 Screaming Directors Inmune
4 Rodney -
6 Screaming Directors Inmune
7 Bridgette -
8 Trent -
10 Heather -
11 Jasmine -

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