Screaming Directors
Killer Producers
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Indigo
Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Voiced by Laurie Elliott
Roleplayer VeryUnknownFan
Jo, labeled The Take-No-Prisoners Jock-ette, was a camper in Total Drama: Lights, Camera, Action, as a member of the Screaming Directors.


Jo is not the person to run to if one is looking for a friendship. She is competitive to an enormous extent, strategic, and overall has a harsh personality that is difficult to break through. Jo believes that she is the strongest competitor and most deserving of the million dollar prize. She will turn anything to a competition, from breakfast to recovering from an unexpected event. She will even not hesitate to sacrifice the life of another if she deems necessary. Jo appears to be a tomboy, as shown in Runaway Model, she is completely disinterested in hair and fashion. Additionally, in her biography, she expresses that she will never let a guy win just because she may find him attractive. Despite this, Jo has implied that she actually does want such things as feeling beautiful and finding love. At one point, she takes on the responsibility of seducing Sasquatchanakwa, and in A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, she laments to Lightning that she's never had her first kiss. Jo is power-hungry and lusts for control. She will fiercely fight for the position of team leader if she has to. She also views herself as being better than others, often looking down upon her teammates. A running gag with Jo involves her using nicknames for the other contestants, generally as insults towards them or for an easy way to describe them. Such examples include "String bean" for Cameron, "Dud-can" for Duncan, "Ale-handwalker" for Alejandro, and many insults mocking Brick's pants wetting habit.

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