Honolulu Tribe
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TDFI: TBA
Friends Alejandro, Dakota, Geoff, Rodney
Relationship Alejandro (Possible Attraction on her side)
Voiced by Stacy Hinojosa
Roleplayer Totaldramalego
Emily, labeled The Psychotic Flight Attendant was a brand new contestant on Total Drama: The Forbidden Isle as a member of Honolulu Tribe.


Emily is what people would call insane. But she's sweet-hearted and most of the time seems to try and do good things, but at times, she fails. Her life is full of partying and working at the airport. After her first flight on FreshAir she knew being on planes would be her dream. She eventually appeared on Total Drama Action and was called by her parents, telling her all about her appearance at the front desk. She later signed up for Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, but because of funds, was rejected to be the 14th contestant. After that she stopped watching. But after Around the Globe aired, she decided she wanted to try to get back on the show, and succeeded.