Total Drama: Around the GlobeEdit

Total Drama: Around the Globe eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Cody Male Ferocious Falcons 21th Lost Angeles He didn't crossed the finish line at the airport of Los Angeles, costing the challenge for his team.
Lightning Male Egotistic Eagles 20th I African't Do It He was last one to get to the plane, losing the victory for the team and the game for himself.
Duncan Male Hefty Hawks 19th This Ain't No Disney Cruise Both Duncan and Shawn fell asleep in the challenge, leaving the victory to the other team, at the ceremony, although there was another target for elimination, Duncan got blindsided in the end.
Scott Male Egotistic Eagles 18th Cuban Craziness Being outside of the dominating alliance in his team made him the main target for the elimination.
Scarlett Female Hefty Hawks 17th Tiki Torture Her attempts to blindside Anne Maria backfired on her, as she was eliminated instead, as well as costing the challenge for her team.
Justin Male Hefty Hawks 16th I Aussie Got Your Back Noah managed to blindside him, after Justin offered him an alliance.
Zoey Female Hefty Hawks 15th Oui Will Win Tonight She didn't helped her team during the challenge, and she wwas eliminated in a double elimination with Shawn
Shawn Male Hefty Hawks 14th Oui Will Win Tonight Anne Maria got Noah on her side to vote off him in a double elimination with Zoey.
Samey Female Egotistic Eagles 13th Stop Rome-ing Around She was eliminated due to being the weakest link in her team.
Sadie Female Ferocious Falcons 12th Big Ben of a Riot Her conflicts with the rest of the team caused her to be the second "falcon" to not merge.
Anne Maria Female Hefty Hawks 11th Big Ben of a Riot Instead of an elimination ceremony, Anne Maria and Noah attended a trivia tiebreaker, which Anne Maria lost, being automatically eliminated.
Noah Male Hefty Hawks 10th The Peak of the Merge After a double tie on the votes, a Tiki Drawing Tiebreaker took place. Noah drawed the Tiki, sending himself home.
Tyler Female Ferocious Falcons 9th Brooklyn Battle The Eagles alliance, as well as some people of his own alliance, blindsided him in a 6-3 vote
Dawn Female Egotistic Eagles 8th Amazonian Pride Amy managed to vote her off, due to seeing her as a threat.
Trent Male Egotistic Eagles 7th It's Hot in Egg-gypt He failed to win inmunity against Sky, and as a result, he was unanimously voted out.
Amy Female Egotistic Eagles 6th Yin vs. Yang After a tie on the votes, her past actions came back to haunt her, as Bridgette switched her vote to Amy at the revote, sending her home.
Dave Male Ferocious Falcons 5th Tropical Paradise He was blindsided by Courtney, Lindsay and Bridgette.
Courtney Female Ferocious Falcons 4th Final Four Amigos After a double tie, the Tiki Tiebreaker made Courtney her second victim, as she drawed it, saving Bridgette.
Lindsay Female Ferocious Falcons 3rd Maori Madness Sky won inmunity, and she gained the power to eliminate someone, and take the other person to the finale. Sky was loyal to her friendship with Bridgette, and eliminated Lindsay.
Bridgette Female Ferocious Falcons 1st/2nd A Chilling Finale Completed the final challenge before Sky, winning the game. Runner-up (Co-winner) in Sky's ending.
Sky Female Ferocious Falcons 1th/2nd A Chilling Finale Completed the final challenge before Bridgette, winning the game. Runner-up (Co-winner) in Bridgette's ending.

Total Drama: Lights, Camera, ActionEdit

Total Drama: Lights, Camera, Action eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Sky Female Screaming Directors 22nd Let's Get Filming She was blindsided by her team due to winning the previous season.
Tyler Male Screaming Directors 21th Let's Get Filming He quit to save Sky, but was eliminated with her instead.
Courtney Female Killer Producers Returns Saving Private Paintball Amy organized an alliance consisting of herself, Gwen, Alejandro, Geoff, Lindsay, and Mike to take her out as leader of the opposing alliance.
Geoff Male Killer Producers 19th Fifty Shades of Drama Mike voted for Amy instead of going along with her alliance, allowing Bridgette to take out Geoff for kissing Amy.
Rodney Male Screaming Directors 18th Son of a Beach! Rodney bothered Dawn, Leshawna, and Heather too much, causing the team to vote him out.
Amy Female Killer Producers Returns Son of a Beach! Her cruel treatment of the opposing alliance and her team in general made their opinions of her go sour, which lead to her team voting her out.