Killer Producers
Screaming Directors
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Voiced by Marco Grazzini
Keith Oliver
Alex House
Roleplayer DegrassiFTW27
Alejandro Burromuerto, labeled The Arch Villain, was a contestant on  Total Drama: Lights, Camera, Action, as a member of the the Killer Producers.


On the surface, Alejandro appears to be a polite, dashing, charming gentleman, but underneath he is dark and twisted. He is known to use his charm and exceptional persuasion to advance him further in the game. Other than Heather, he has eliminated the most contestants on the show, proving to be one of the show's most dangerous contestants. Alejandro was born in Spain, before moving to Latin America, and is very proud of Hispanic heritage. Alejandro frequently speaks his language on the show. An extremely well-developed talent of his is smooth talking himself in or out of a situation. He names his best quality his ability to "smell a person's weakness and exploit it in seconds." Alejandro himself gloats that he "went through a lot of nannies" because of this. He has been shown to possess a large quantity of skills ranging from hypnotism to speaking several languages, thanks to his highly successful family. Alejandro's older brother José is one of very few people who can compete with him. He has described him as being superior in everything, and is partially to blame for who he is today. Alejandro has a romantic nature, and has learned many lessons on the subject from his relatives. Alejandro takes pleasure in getting revenge on other contestants.

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